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Championship results

24 September 2022

The London League fixtures have been published. Pimlico 4 are playing in the Major Division and these fixtures are now on the website here.

23 September 2022

It's been a busy, but mostly successful, week for Pimlico with four teams in action. Pimlico Home got their LPSL title defence off to a winning start against a solid GLCC 1 team. Wins also for Pimlico 3 and Pimlico 4 in the LPSL against DHSS 2 and GLCC 3.

22 September 2022

Match results are now appearing on the Central London League website so have been removed from this site, and replaced with a link from the match score on the main Fixtures page.

16 September 2022

Mixed fortunes for Pimlico teams in the Central London League last night. In Division 2, Pimlico 3 heavily outscored the higher-rated Hammersmith 1, but in Division 4, Pimlico 4 crashed against Streatham 2 (also higher-rated). Match results here.

14 September 2022

Congratulations to Robert Stern, who won the Muswell Hill FIDE Rapidplay Open last night. He finished on 5.5/6 in a field of 26 players, ahead of chess legends Nigel Fleming and Robin Haldane among others. The final ranking crosstable is here.

9 September 2022

The 2022/23 league season kicked off yesterday. It was a good night for Pimlico. The Bishops and Knights defeated HMC1 and HMC2, while Pimlico 4 chalked up a walkover over Hackney 2. Normally we would show the detailed results by means of a link to the relevant league website – in this case the Central London League – but this is not configured for the new season yet, so we are publishing them here on a temporary basis. See the League results page.

In the club championship, Dejan Lekic defeated Alex Gao. These results won't be published on another website so will be permanently recorded on this site at Championship Results.

6 September 2022

I have been playing in the London League Summer Tournament over the summer, to get into practice for the new season. My opponent in round 1 was a strong junior – the 7 year old Kushal Jakhria, now rated over 2000 ECF and the strongest player in the world in his age-group. The subject of rave reviews by Leonard Barden in his Guardian column. Definite banana-skin potential. See the game here (the link opens in a new window).